About Us

For over 30 years, Textyle International (formerly Habitex) has been a major player in the sourcing, design and manufacturing of outerwear (coats, jackets, work wear etc.) in Asia.
In 1982, Manu Margulies (CEO of Textyle International) established an office in South Korea for the sourcing of fabrics and the manufacturing of coats and jackets in Asia. It wasn’t long before other offices followed in Indonesia, Vietnam and China.

The expertise acquired enabled the company to develop business relationships in Germany, the UK, USA, Japan, Argentina and France.

Today, Textyle has joint ventures with three local factories and long term contracts with several others; we use the latest technology to offer a complete and professional service in outerwear (jackets, coats, quilts, etc.) controlling each stage of the production process, from support during the creation of prototypes through to the final delivery of the finished goods.
Textyle International is a firm which is active in the garment manufacturing industry, drawing on its 30 years of experience to offer an efficient, innovative and highly competitive service from start to finish.

The sourcing offices established in various parts of Asia (South Korea, China, Vietnam) enable us to develop and source fabrics of exceptional quality. Our joint venture factories produce to the highest levels, and are specialists in quilts, wool coats, parkas, down jackets and casuals for men and women.

Textyle garments carry the « Oeko-Tex » label, an International standard which guarantees the absence of any toxic products.

Textyle International offers you all the necessary services to develop, produce and deliver your collections, search for new materials and accessories, support in the creation of prototypes, delivery of materials and accessories to manufacturing sites, monitoring of production and quality control, planning of production orders and final delivery of finished goods.

A large selection of the products and samples created by Textyle International can be seen in our Ho Chi Minh showroom. There is an additional showroom in Belgium, where a multilingual team is on hand for customer support.